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Outdoor Motorized Shades

Keep the bugs, sun, and debris away!

Enjoy your mornings and sunsets on your patio, deck, lanai, or veranda to the fullest without the hassle or worry of keeping out unwanted bugs.  


Classic Home Dallas' motorized screens are built to:

- Seal your entertainment areas from unwanted pests

- Protect your family from mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus

- Keep debris from being blown into your outdoor area

- Reduce UV rays from 35% to 78% depending upon your needs 

- Provide a variety of openness for your entertainment needs

- Create additional privacy for your family 


At the press of a button, your customized motion screens smoothly and silently glide down into place transforming your outdoor living space into a fresh, ventilated, pest-free environment.  You and your family will completely enjoy all of the amenities of your home day or night, anytime you desire.  


Classic Home Dallas' Motion Screens are custom manufactured to fit most standard and over-sized applications.  We offer a variety of screens and hardware to blend stylishly with the decor of your home.  

Our screens provide a variety of features to provide privacy while protecting your environment from bugs, sun and debris. 

Isn't it time to fully enjoy your outdoor space?  Call us or click the  schedule
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Learn how you can  transform  your outdoor entertainment area into a space you can use more months out of the year?
You are moments away from transforming your outdoor space.
Schedule your free no obligation appointment today.  
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